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Miss Flying Saucer at yr service

February 4th, 2010

September 24th, 2008

beatrix lols @ 10:41 am

This weekend, a solicitor came to the door. D stepped outside to speak to him (some political meeting that he was trying to get people to attend) and Beatrix peeked out the window to see what was happening.
"Grandma! Mommy! Is that Santa Claus?" she shreiked. We peeked out the window a bit more discreetly, and discovered a skinny but white-bearded and bespectacled gentleman on our porch.  "Is Santa on our porch? Is that really him? Look Mama, look!"
Did I mention the windows were open? Yes, yes they were.

January 2nd, 2008

well. @ 03:06 pm

d and i started off the year building ikea furniture for the girls' room. kura bed, set up like a bunk bed with just Bea's crib mattress and a shit-ton of stuffed animals on the bottom (floor level) bunk. starry tent on the top bunk for K. a giant, red, 6 shelf bookcase to house all their reading materials. a large dresser for K, a smaller one for B. we managed to set it all up so that there is space to spread out and play, and space to be alone. i like it quite a lot- i would have loved a room like that.
what i worry about now is getting Beatrix into the habit of simply falling asleep by herself. we still (still!) nurse to sleep in our bed more often than not- it is the quickest, easiest, and most comfortable for her and for me. but if i tell her no more nursing, she will complain for a bit and finally settle down, tossing and turning and finally falling asleep on her own, usually with a hand shoved into the sleeve of my shirt. i know she CAN fall asleep on her own, it's a matter of her getting comfortable with doing it in a room by herself now- at home she's been cosleeping or at very least in a room with us her whole life, and at child care she's napping on a cot in a room full of kids.
i also got on some kind of weirdo organization kick, and cleaned out our entire bedroom (which has been a disorganized, cluttery mess pretty much since Bea was born). i made a list today of all the other home improvements i need to do soon- we'll see how many i get done before the steam runs out. D is not an organizer by nature, and i am a lazy one, and we're both collectors of things...this makes it especially difficult to make the house look the way i want it to, in my heart.

For my benefit, the to-do list, some of which D has already accomplished today:
-Move twin box spring to basement
-Move white desk from girls' room to basement for sewing machine
-Move toy bin out of closet 
-Install hook in ceiling for hanging storage
-Throw away changing table
-Move small bookcase to top of stairs

-Move B’s clothes to her room
-Move knitting stash & tools into B’s old dresser
-Disassemble crib
-Organize linen closet
-Organize bathroom cupboards
-Install Frog Pod with screws
-Organize mail table
-Organize sideboard & living room cabinet
-Organize coat closet
-Organize bookcase
-Basement: Under stairs, storage area, and laundry area
-List a bunch of shizz on eBay

October 8th, 2007

funny face @ 10:06 am

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Beatrix at 18 months.

March 2nd, 2007

birthday letter to Beatrix @ 02:19 pm

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Dear Beatrix,

“Where did you come from, baby dear?
Out of the everywhere, into the here.” –George Macdonald

Today you are one year old, my beautiful, sweet baby girl. This first year has been spirited away from us much quicker than I thought possible- it seems like only a moment since I got my first look at you, swaddled in hospital blankets and wide-eyed, and yet sometimes I swore centuries were passing during sleepless nights and illnesses.
From the first moment I knew I was pregnant, I wondered what kind of child you would be. Now I have some idea- you are serious with a healthy dash of silly, inquisitive and musical, tenacious but easily frustrated. You delight us with your friendliness and cleverness every day; we love and adore you with all of our hearts.
This year, you learned to do a LOT of things- your first word was, “Hi,” and you love to say hello to everyone you meet. You started to speak during your 8th month, and you seem to learn a new word every day now. You say, “bye-bye” whenever someone puts on their coat, and you give kisses to us, your stuffed animals, even pictures in books. On Valentine’s Day you took your first wobbly steps on your own, but you are still more than content to walk around our house holding onto someone’s hands, and you love to practice climbing our stairs. You also love books, and you are quite happy to sit in my lap and read for an hour or more. Your favorite books have pictures of animals in them, and you are quickly learning to make all kinds of animal sounds. The animal sounds you can make are woof, moo, baa, neigh, meow, roar, and quack. All birds are ducks to you, and anything round (even an orange or a grape) you call a ball. Dolls are your favorite toys, you like to stroke them and say “nice” while you are feeding them toy bottles. You call me Mama, your dad is Dada, and you haven’t quite decided what to call your big sister, though you did say, “Hi K,” to her once. You can point to your ears, eyes, and hair, and if we ask you where your nose is you scrunch it up and sniff through it.
Your favorite things to eat are crackers (especially goldfish), cheese cubes, peas, and ravioli. We are still nursing and when you want to nurse you say, “boo, boo,” (which means boob- how embarassing this will be when you’re reading this as a teenager!). When you nurse you like to hold my hand and stroke my arm or my back, and sometimes when the light is right you make shadow puppets to amuse yourself while you are eating.
We had to take you to the hospital last month because you had a bad allergic reaction to penicillin- you broke out in a rash all over your body, and your poor little face was swollen and itchy. We decided not to take a picture of you so miserable, but trust me when I say you were not feeling well at all. We also started you on medicine for acid reflux, and you are suddenly sleeping much longer stretches at night, probably because your tummy doesn’t wake you up anymore.
You still sleep in bed with Daddy and me, but you are getting so big that sometimes you kick me out of bed and I have to go sleep on the couch. Since you are sleeping so much better, we are going to transition you to the crib soon, but I still love nursing and snuggling you to sleep every night.
There are a thousand things that I’m sure I’ve forgotten to mention- how I love to watch you sleeping, your smile with just two bottom teeth visible, the smell of your hair, your soft pudgy hands, the rolls that appeared on your arms and thighs and are now rapidly disappearing, your sweet deep chuckle and your satisfying weight on my lap.
When I was a little girl, your Grandma Morse used to look at me and say, “I see me in your eyes,” and now I know that she was talking about more than reflections. You have already taught me so much about myself and about being a mother. We’ve just started on this journey together and I am amazed every, every second at how much richer my life is because of your place in it. I am humbled and thrilled to be your mama. I love you.



October 2nd, 2006

7 Months @ 01:55 pm

my baby is 7 months old today. i can't believe that more than half a year has passed already...it seems like the blink of an eye. she went from a tiny, mewling, sleepy creature to a boisterous, hilarious, sweet and cuddly infant. she's sitting, rolling, grabbing, babbling, cooing, jumping, smiling, laughing, squealing, hugging, and all sorts of other things now. she's so much fun, i love being a mother even more than i imagined i would.

also, i cut all my hair off. it's darling, if i do say so myself.

June 20th, 2006

cop magnet @ 02:33 pm

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i got pulled over for speeding again today. luckily the cop was nice and gave me a ticket with a fine but no points, as the state has a new policy that once you have a certain amount of points on your license you must pay a fee of several hundred dollars each year to reinstate your driving priviliges. nice cop doesn't agree with this policy, but wouldn't let me off with a warning as i got a speeding ticket last july and so obviously i haven't learned my lesson. starting now, i begin driving like my grandpa. people shot past me on the freeway this morning as i dawdled along at 70 mph on I-75, but it wasn't all for nothing, as an auburn hills cruiser got on the road behind me at lapeer and quickly passed me once it was certain that i was not going even ONE mile over the speed limit. i could almost see him twisting his mustache in the rearview mirror and muttering, "curses! foiled again!"

saturday morning my dear friend chris took me out to breakfast and we spent a pleasant hour over omlettes and french toast discussing motherhood and all things related- funny how when moms get out by themselves, all they talk about is their kids anyway. i am so glad that our daughters are only a year apart, she has been so much help providing advice and levity during my pregnancy and these first few crazy months of motherhood. and though it was nice getting out for breakfast, i cannot wait until next month when dre is in town and we're all going out AT NIGHT, to a place where they serve ALCOHOL.

beatrix is doing well at daycare, though sometimes she comes home hoarse from talking/yelling all day. she has suddenly become very vocal and is experimenting more than ever with sounds. last night d and i were thoroughly amused by things she was saying- sometimes what sounds like real words come out, and sometimes they're hilarious little shreiks followed by guttural caveman noises, all accompanied by the most serious baby face. she has discovered that those things waving around in front of her actually belong to her, and can fit into her mouth:
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bea is a charming, smiley baby except that she hates "tummy time" and will only tolerate short bursts of it. i am told that she will never build the muscles to learn to crawl without us torturing her with it for at least half an hour each day, though, so we persevere- now if only mommy could be so vigilant about getting in even half an hour of exercise. i guess lifting her 20x a day counts, but it's not doing much for my post-baby chub. i am embarassed to even say what my weight is, though i'm certain that 10 lbs. of it is just boobies...i can't fit these knockers into anything but the stretchiest of dresses from last summer's wardrobe.

i have made tentative plans to visit my parents in florida the first week in august for a long weekend- beatrix and i will fly out there and my paternal grandfather will meet us there, as he hasn't met b yet and isn't well enough to travel here for a visit. every time i speak to him lately i think about my grandmother, and how much i wish she were here to see b. it breaks my heart that she won't be in b's life except as stories told by me about how wonderful and brave and lovely her great-grandma morse was.

i know there's more to say, but this update has become sappy and boring even to me. wank, wank, wank goes my livejournal. more later.

May 25th, 2006

rock on, baby b @ 03:38 pm

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next week, i go back to work in the office 3 days a week. i am looking forward to getting stuff done in a timely manner without a nursing baby in my lap (ever tried to type and nurse? it's a skill i don't think i'll ever master properly). i am NOT looking forward to pumping 3x a day to try to get all the milk my baby will need for daycare, but i really want to keep nursing her and i figure if i don't get a ton of milk the first few days, i can keep pumping at home to stockpile for the following week. i really don't want to have to resort to formula. i am also going to miss our lunchtime nap together- we lie on the futon and she nurses herself (and me) to sleep.
and it is a bitter thing to have to leave your baby in the hands of strangers, albeit caring ones. i am terrified that they will call me the first day and tell me to come get her, that she is inconsolable. i left her for 2 hours with d last weekend and he had to call me to come home because she wouldn't stop crying...and that's her own father! i can't fathom leaving her for a whole day, much less 3 whole days, while i go to work. it's going to kill me at first, but i guess you get used to it. so many women do.

i want to cut my hair. not short-short, but at least shoulder-length. it's driving me crazy, and b keeps getting handfuls of it and ripping it out anyway, so it's in both our best interests to cut it.

b is getting bigger every day, and so smiley, especially when she first wakes up. it's so sweet to go pick her up from the bed and have her give you a huge, gummy grin. she makes this noise that sounds like laughing but i don't think it is- it's a kind of "heh-heh" sound. i think she's just experimenting with language.

April 16th, 2006

donkey's years @ 11:25 pm

haven't updated in donkey's years (something my grandma used to say)...
i am healing well from the c-section and the baby is fabulous. she nurses sometimes as often as every hour, but i've made peace with the whole "nursing on demand" thing (though the extended family seems kind of put off by it- "you mean she's eating AGAIN?") and just accepted the fact that shit is not going to all get done around the house. things are half-done or half-clean or half-folded, and they'll be finished when i have some goddamn time.
beatrix is darling and charming and sometimes frustrating (see "nursing on demand") but since she and i have mastered the art of lying-down nursing, and she is sleeping in bed with us, so i get a lot more sleep now than i was getting when i was sitting up trying to stay awake most of the night. the downside to that is that i hardly get to snuggle with d anymore, and that makes me really sad. but beatrix will only be little and in bed with us for a short time, and d and i have the whole rest of our lives to snuggle, so i keep telling myself it's temporary and i enjoy it even more when we do manage to get a cuddle in at night.
k seems to be adjusting well, but she is slightly attention-starved and i'm trying to be sensitive to that. she understands why the baby takes up so much of our time right now, and she is eager to help dress the baby and things of that sort, but in truth she's just too young to REALLY help and d and i often have to intervene, which i think hurts her feelings somewhat.
k is on spring break all this coming week, and so will be home with the baby and i. i have to start working from home on wednesday- i think i'm going to be overwhelmed. i wish i'd given myself an extra few days off just so i wouldn't have to start off taking care of both the girls and going back to work all at once.
i have lost more than 20 pounds of pregnancy weight, but i still can't wear my wedding ring or my fat jeans yet, and i seem to have hit a plateau. i hope to get the ok to exercise again from my midwife once i see her for my 6 week post-partum checkup on tuesday, but i'm also afraid to exercise too much right away not only because i'm still healing the incision, but i've read that lactic acid from exercise can make breastmilk taste really bad and cause a nursing strike. beatrix and i have done so well thus far at establishing a good breastfeeding relationship that i don't want to do anything to fuck that up.
i miss my friends and i even miss going to work, but that's going to be nothing compared to how i'll feel when i have to put my baby in daycare to go back to working full time in the office. i can't begin to explain what this bond is like- she's only 6 weeks old and i feel as though she's been in our lives forever. i can spend hours just watching her sleep, kissing her fuzzy little head, examining her tiny fingers and toes, poring over each eyelash and delighting in each little sigh. she has just started to really smile at us, only very rarely, but when she smiles at you it makes you feel like dancing. i love being a mommy.

March 28th, 2006

Miss Flying Saucer at yr service